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1st Phorm, MUD\WTR, Axe & Sledge, Phase 1 Nutrition. 1st Phorm & Sprout Living are here! Call us if you have a particular flavor you want. If you have not tried Sprout Living, then you should, the protein has no fillers and range from 15g to 26g of protein.

1st phorm 1st phorm

1st Phorm Products

1st phormV-Town Smoothies carries 1st Phorm products including the delicious Whey & Whey Isolate protein flavors, Pre/Intra Workout supplements, vitamins, as well as premium greens to improve overall health & digestion. We have more product coming in soon, call us if you have a particular flavor you want.

Sprout Living

1st phormSprout Living is here! If you have not tried Sprout Living, you should! Sprout Living is a powerful certified vegan, certified organic superfood that is gluten free with no gums & no additives. Multi-source plant protein prebiotic, a world Super Food. Flavors include the Original, Chocolate Maca, Vanilla Lucuma, Green Kingdom. This protein has no fillers and ranges from 15g to 26g of protein. It is clean and you can actually read what is in the product & feel comfortable with what you’re ingesting.


mudwtrMUD\WTR is a coffee alternative that adds stamina, energy and focus. MUD\WTR contains adaptogenic mushroom for natural energy with only 1/7th of the caffeine found in coffee. The organic ingredients used in MUD\WTR are cherished by all ages for the health and performance benefits.

Axe & Sledge Supplements

axe sledge supplementsAxe & Sledge Supplements is the official brand of IFBB Pro Seth Feroce. Designed for the Hardest Workers in the gym. With Axe & Sledge every product that is designed has a purpose. Each is made with the highest quality of ingredients possible so YOU benefit from using them. The flavors we use are meant to be mixed together with other products made by Axe & Sledge but they work just as well taking them by themselves!

Phase 1 Nutrition

phase 1 nutritionThe Phase 1 Nutrition product line is full of high quality supplements for everyone. Phase 1 Nutrition is good for weight loss by curbing appetite and increasing metabolism and endurance for more effective workouts. Phase 1 Nutrition brings the gas no matter what kind of training you do.

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